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Below are some images of products that we offer for purchase. If you wish to purchase one or more of these items, please go to the "Order Form" page.

*Note: To order a Remington replica of Chuck Mawhinney's Vietnam sniper rifle, go to the "M40 Replica Page" for more information. Please contact Chuck personally to purchase. Address and phone number are listed on the "Contact Us" page.

Click on the thumbnail to see a full size image.

Front view of cap Front view of "Assistance from a Distance" (AFAD) cap.

Rear view of cap Rear view of "Assistance from a Distance" (AFAD) cap.

Koozies for sale View of all three koozies that we offer.

Camo koozie Camo koozie.

5th Marines tshirt Front view 5th Marines charcoal T-shirt

back_5th_marines2 tshirt Back view 5th Marines charcoal T-shirt

AFAD tan T-shirt Front view of tan "Assistance from a Distance" (AFAD) T-shirt.

View of both T-shirts Front view of both T-shirts.

View of both T-shirts Another view of both T-shirts.

Personalized Wooten Print Print: Signed and numbered by Artist and Chuck Mawhinney .

Rifle in case Purchase an M40 replica. Info here or Contact Chuck.